Bonzer Koala Sachet (2 Sachets)
Bonzer Koala Sachet (2 Sachets)

Bonzer Koala Sachet (2 Sachets)

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Brand Bonzer
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  • natural ingredients;odor free;keep away from insects.
  • the fragrance of eucalyptus essential oil and green plant leaves will relax your body and mind
  • the effects of green tea inhibit stink of sweat,body odor and other fulsome peculiar smell.
  • it is made of smooth and soft materials,provides comfortable tactile impression and poses no adverse impact on your sleep.
  • two pieces for one set of bedding
  • place beside your pillow,then you can smellthe fresh fragrance in sleep.
  • please use it according to the specified method;and do not discard the package bay during usage.
  • the intensith of frangrance changes with the frequency of exposure. Frequent exposure will lead to rapid disappear of fragrance.
  • please keep it out of the reach of children and avoid eating by mistake.
  • do not use the product for purpose other than the specified usage;do not pour out drugs from the bag. If the bag is broken and skin exposure occurs,clean the skin with soap.
  • the product is inedible.If you eat it by mistake,contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre without delay.
  • store in a cool placeaway from sunlight.
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Bonzer Koala Sachet (2 Sachets)