RMD Ceramide Repair Essence 30ml
RMD Ceramide Repair Essence 30ml

RMD Ceramide Repair Essence 30ml

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As body ages, metabolism slows down, causing the skin barrier to become weaker. As a result, the skin will lose its ability to lock water and prevent damage from external factors, resulting in red and sensitive skin. when the skin barrier is affected, the cells cannot be combined regularly. It is necessary then to repair and rebuild the skin's natural barrier to prevent the development of sensitive skin. Ceramide is the indispensable element that supports the brick up and maintains skin moisture.

    Ceramide 1
    Hydrating the surface instant clear moisturizing, infuses a lot of moisture into the skin, soothes fragile, dry and sensitive skin, and builds up a moisturizing membrane on the skin
    Ceramide 3
    Add nutrition inside cuticle layer, improve moisture retention ability, strengthen protection function to external stimulation of the skin.
    Ceramide 6
    Keep skin hydrated, repair dry and damaged skin quickly, make skin more tender and elastic

        1. Long lasting moisturizer and skin protector
        Ceramide can effectively repair the damaged skin and create a "moisturizing membrane" combining water molecules, locking in skin nutrients and allowing the skin to be firmer and cleaner.
        2. Intensive hydration and water locker
        Ceramide and hyaluronic acid, double hydrating formula can be easily absorbed maintaining moisture.

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        RMD Ceramide Repair Essence 30ml